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Can we reverse engineer self-guided intuition and stream of consciousness?

Excerpt from an interview with Dun Deal, one of Young Thug's first producers:


Deal: "...and the way he [Young Thug] used to write his music was pretty crazy. He would just draw what he wanted to do on paper. That's how he used to record; he would draw, like, a picture."


Interviewer: "What kind of picture?"


Deal: "Weird signs and shapes. He'd be in the booth looking at the paper, and one day I went in there and looked at it and said, 'You didn't write any words down.' He [Thug] looked at me and said: ‘I don't need no words.'"




This website attempts to analyze various aspects and patterns of Young Thug's incredibly expressive and complex musical language. The analysis is split into 3 broad categories, with several subtopics in each. I then consolidate what we have, and construct potential notation systems that minimally represent this information, and then accept that some things you just have to feel.

Below are links to download a couple Young Thug mixtapes.


Slime Season


Slime Season 2


Barter 6

An interesting idea comparing music to sentences, from Leonard Bernstien: Melody corresponds to nouns, Harmony to adjectives, and Rhythm to verbs.

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