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Analysis of various aspects

Part One: Notational & Representational Systems

Part 1

As promised, this seciton includes various ideas about what could possibly be on Young Thug's fabled paper, as well as interesting ways to represent his music. 


Rule nothing out!

[You can check out my Youtube channel for a playlist of such videos]

Classical Music Notation
All Over
Draw Down
Schillinger/Melodyne Continuous Representation

Part Two: Potential for Further Analysis

Smart Visualization using MIDI
Draw Down
Don't Know
Stability/Equilibrium Diagram
Power - Hook
Freaky - Hook
"Sherlock's Dancing Men" Notation
Part 2
Stoner - Hook
Again - Snippet
00:00 / 00:00

I'm a stoner, I'm a stoner, I'm a stoner.




I'm a stoner, I'm a stoner, I'm a stoner.



I'm a stoner, I'm a stoner, I'm a mutherfuckin stoner.

Pull up and pour it / Imma go gold let you know it / I got gold on my Rolex / And I'm real right like a poet / I look like a dope boy I know it / I know I'm gonna win it like Floyd / I became an important lil' boy / Money long like a sock with some shorts /  My bitch white and she brown like port / Ed-uma -cation abort / bookin' these dorks / I jumped off the porch and went north / Whipped you some dope full of narc-cotics / YSL hard body / I got 'bout 20 Chickens in the lobby, baby / Ride It ride it, Kawasaki saki


I don't speak english / I fuck that mouth, on the secret/ I'm the big homie, I'm leakin' / Stick to the streets like I'm cement / I don't need no change, you can keep it / I don't want your verse on my remix / No panties she my secret /

Got a hunnid bands on me I'm cheesin' / This the sequel, lookin' down like an eagle


Look me inside of my eyes
All of these problems I'm tryna disguise


I'm it like a game that get played by a kid
Pussy boy I'm on your head like a wig
Diamonds water like I bought 'em from a squid
A1's what she get when she want dick
Black diamonds like I'm Akon kid
Whippin' I can turn a two to a six
Real talk, on Blood you dead
And I still want that head like a lid


Hit the school, make it rain on a principal
I will leave a nigga smokin' like an Optimo
All my bitches they on gringo
They ride with heat, ready to sting bro
I got 300 bitches like I'm Sosa ho
My jewelry shinin' like some Mop & Glo
Inside her pants is a camel toe
I swear I fell in love with all those

Skyfall - Young Thug Verse
00:00 / 00:00

Part Two: Potential for Further Analysis

Phonetic Placement: A lot of scope for figuring things out here. I don't care about it that much, but do believe it is something worth caring about.  For example:


Hey, I - Phonetic Demo
All Over - Phonetic Demo

Ricky Racks

Robby Krieger

Young Thug

Part 3
Part 4

Part Three: Broader Picture

Jim Morrison

Young Thug

Some similarities:

Lyrics are often strings of images (Symbolism)

From 'Moonlight Drive'


Let's swim to the moon, uh huh 
Let's climb through the tide 
Penetrate the evenin' that the 
City sleeps to hide 

Let's swim out tonight, love 
It's our turn to try 
Parked beside the ocean 
On our, moonlight drive.


From 'Break on Through'


You know the day destroys the night, 
Night divides the day, 
Tried to run, tried to hide, 
Break on through to the other side (x2)




I found an island in your arms, 
Country in your eyes, 
Arms that chain, eyes that lie, 
Break on through to the other side (x2)

From 'Freaky'


Ho, what is your bargain? How wet is your bargain?
I pull up and arsoned, all over your garden,
I'm never gon' call you, I'm always gon' ball you
Eh, my diamonds cost more than whatever I chargin'


From 'No Way'


And, I'm the future and the present,
Baby, pop that pussy like a Pepsi,
Baby, water like a water fountain,
My money colored like a clown,
Show me them places like a noun,
She can't, can't ride this dick without a sound.


From 'Thief in the Night'


I promise you know me, I pull up bout my cake

Where I'm from is not safe, I got fish, I'm a lake

Scoop them grits off the plate, yeah she thought it was steak

I'm a thief in the night, make her ride like a bike




I look good as your dad on a Friday

Some disturbing, outrageous lyrics

From 'The End'


He walked on down the hall, and 
And he came to a door...and he looked inside 
Father, yes son, I want to kill you 
Mother...I want to...fuck you 


From "Who Do You Love?"


Tombstone head, a graveyard mind
Just 22, I don't mind dying
Rode around the town with a rattlesnake whip
Come on, baby, don't give me no lip


Regarding "Light My Fire"


On September 17th, 1967, The Doors were invited to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. Moments before they were to go live, Mr. Sullivan requested that Jim change the lyric in Light My Fire from "Girl we couldn’t get much higher" to “Girl we couldn’t get much better”. Jim agreed to the change, however, when he performed the song on national tv, he either forgot out of nervousness or completely dismissed the request, and sang the song with its original lyric, 'higher', on national television.

From 'Guarentee'


If you got AIDS, I want it
If you got herpes, I want it
That girl got game, I want it
That cat leave stains, I want it


From 'Numbers'


I got plenty ammo for your family nigga,
Ammo for these pussy mothafuckas,
Run up I swear to God I want tears from your mother,
Fuck nigga tripping I get prison and fuck your father up.


From 'Take It'


Let that chopper sing to him like Pandora,
And I hope you got insurance on your daughter.


Extension of voice as Vocal Instrument

Roadhouse Blues (Live) - Intro
00:00 / 00:00
The End - Excerpt
Thugga Thugga - From Maria I'm Drunk

This site gives a very nice guide to Young Thug's Adlibs.

Backdoor Man - Snippet
00:00 / 00:00


Metro Boomin

Ray Manzarek

Work(ed) with & Function(ed) similarly within consistent group of musicians

London on da Track

Jim Morrison

John Densmore

"In-house producers"

The two groups of musicians represent the Apollonian: structure, reason, and order.


Young Thug and Jim Morrison are the Dionysian: irrational, chaotic, emotional.


“Dionysian spirit” is defined in the philosophy of Nietzsche, as displaying creative-intuitive power as opposed to critical-rational power.


But, both of them, the Apollonian and the Dionysian are necessary in the creation of art. Without the Apollonian, the Dionysian lacks the form and structure to make a coherent piece of art, and without the Dionysian, the Apollonian lacks the necessary vitality and passion. Although they are diametrically opposed, they are also intimately intertwined.



One major difference is, I believe, that Jim Morrison and The Doors crafted songs with broader scope. They combined well-developed lyrics & images, musicality & virtuosity, and overall a distinctive, powerful sound. I think it's fair to say that The Doors were trying to "say more" than  Young Thug is.


This leads me to the notion that Young Thug is the polar opposite of Bob Dylan.

Young Thug

Bob Dylan

Young Thug's music has much richer Phonological content than that of Bob Dylan. 


Bob Dylan's music has much richer Semantic content than that of Young Thug.


You then say "But Bob Dylan's voice wasn't bad at all, in fact it was pretty good"

I then say "But Young Thug's music doesn't mean nothing, in fact, it actually talks about quite a lot"


Young Thug's instrumental accompanimant is imaginative: the nature of synthesizers as flexible instruments allows the timbre of the sound to capture a mood or feeling.


Bob Dylan's powerful guitar, and more uniquely the harmonica, brings listeners into his 'sound world' within which he is talented and expressive on these instruments. 


Bob Dylan's magic is on the surface level. His lyrics (surface level feature) are resoundingly brilliant; and his sound is distinctive and captivating enough.


Young Thug's magic is underlying, below the surface level. His lyrics are not the distinguishing feature of his music but not bad either; and his sound is incredibly distinctive, rich with expressivity and phonological meaning (underlying feature).


Note: Surface level does not mean superficial. It means that the feature is more prominent and perceptible in the texture.


If I were to try and model this using playing cards, it would probably look something like this:



These are Yugioh cards, and I propose the following mapping:


ATK = Semantic value

DEF = Phonological value



This is amusing, and valid to a certain extent. Looking at this as a dichotomy limits our lens, so I propose modeling various attributes by playing a game inspired by the player stats representation in FIFA.


Each card is to be described by 6 common attributes. You start with 15 points, and have to distribute these points between these 6 categories.

The categories are as follows:


LYRS: Lyrical strength

TECH: Musical/technical complexity (virtuosity)

IMGT: Imagination of tone and timbre

PRCP: Perceptibility (surface vs. underlying)

SLFS: Self-sufficiency

CHAO: Unpredictability, element of chaos


The above cards are my rankings, which are by no means definitive. (Which club each person is associated with is irrelevant, but had to be somewhere on the card.) 

Part Four: Concluding Remarks

Before sending it out into the world, I showed my dear grandmother this site. I played excerpts of various Young Thug songs, and she was vibing with it way more than I expected! Her familiarity with Indian music allowed her to hear important musical qualities; particularly melody, contour, vocal inflexions, and to an extent repeating rhythmic patterns. This made it very easy to explain to her what I heard, how I went about the analysis, as well as the larger structure of the music.


Indian music consists of 'Ragas' (Melodic) and 'Talam' (Rhythmic).


Ragas are the "basic musical modes which express different moods in certain characteristic progressions, with more emphasis placed on some notes than others." What better way to describe Young Thug's vocal lines?


A Tala is a "regular, repeating rhythmic phrase, particularly as rendered on a percussive instrument with an ebb and flow of various intonations, intensities, or speeds." Pretty accurate descripion of beats by producers such as Metro Boomin, London, and Wheazy.


Moreover, if she had been able to understand the lyrics, she would have been appalled and worried for my life - she's very conservative, and the fact that I'm even listening to music like this would disturb her. Nevertheless, the phonological richness of his music was what she listened for and appreciated.


Thank you for going through this website. I hope you can now listen to Young Thug more closely, and more generally learned some useful things about music. 

Rhythm!: Still a lot of work to do here. Once I have the applet that allows for circular representation, things shoudl start falling into place.


Beats/Producers/Instrumental Music: Sorry, I've barely gave this any consideration. I'm a producer myself, so its not that I don't think about and appreciate the tracks. Perhaps its because I'm the Violinist and my brother is the Pianist? Or maybe there's just less to write about...

If you have any thoughts/ideas please email me and let me know!


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