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Analysis through Rhythmic consideration

This page is not quite finished yet! 

Part One: Displacement and Urgency

Rhythmic Analysis of 'Draw Down'

Each bracketed group of notes on the y-axis (left hand margin) corresponds to one line, consisting of two-1 bar phrases. Each block on the x-axis is an 1/16th note.


Displacement: Distance in 1/16th notes from the downbeat to each bar. Indicated with a + or - followed by a number (eg. +4, -2), circled at each entrance.


Consistent displacement creates a nice flow, while Varying displacement produces intricasy and unpredictability.


Urgency: A shift in displacement, often of the second bar in each 2 bar phrase. Lowering the displacement (bringing the next line closer to the first line) Increases urgency. Indicated with "+/- Urg." 


Even number displacements are relatively smoother and less 'cutting' than Odd number displacements. Notice on the line "Control that ho, no voodoo" on the 2nd page.


Triplets: Triplets are always slower, rounder, and less urgent.

Draw Down - Y. Thug
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If only I had the willpower to write in each lyric. This is just temporary, as I definitely think the following approach would be much more useful, efficient, and insightful.

Till then, please visit either of these pages, preferably Melodic (if you haven't already), then More.

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